Marketing Analysis – Benefits Of Marketing And Market Analysis For SMEs

The marketing analysis deals with the current situation of a company, its sphere of activity, and future development. Without a proper marketing analysis, however, you’re in the dark, so to speak, and

Inbound Marketing: An Introduction to Marketing of the Future

Inbound marketing turns traditional marketing on its head: Instead of the initial contact of potential customers with advertising, it is about high-quality content on the Web to attract attention. Only

Secret Weapon UGC: Higher Conversions Through User-Generated Content

Just sit back and let the audience do the marketing? While it is not that easy with user-generated content, the benefits are obvious: the target group draws the brand message itself –

BERT: Largest Google Update In Five Years

It’s the biggest algorithm change in five years, and it affects every tenth search query: Google BERT Update aims to improve understanding of complex long-tail searches and show more relevant

Website Marketing – Tips For Gaining New Customers

Gaining new customers is a necessity for every company. Because it can generate much more energy and costs than existing customer care, it is a challenge that requires a targeted

4 Concrete Ideas For Your Halloween Marketing

Bohoooooo! The scariest day of the year is coming up again, and that means for you: It’s time to start thinking about this year’s Halloween marketing! The 31st of October

Google Tag Manager – For Most Effective SEO

For effective search engine optimization, you’ll need a bunch of data that you collect with tracking tools like Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager helps you implement code snippets for various web analytics tools on a website

SEO For Events – How To Present Your Event On The Search Results Pages

Google is establishing itself as a serious player on the market, not just for travel bookings and simple queries about the weather or factual information, but also for event searches. 

YouTube Ads – How and Why Do You Use Them?

Have YouTube ads switched, you increase the reach of your company? They are among the diverse online marketing measures. But how do you create such videos? What requirements do you have to

Many Changes In The Evaluation Of Links

In the future, Google will also consider “Nofollow” links for the rankings of a website. In addition, “ugc” and “sponsored” introduced new link markings almost simultaneously. What do these changes