February 19, 2020

4 Concrete Ideas For Your Halloween Marketing

Bohoooooo! The scariest day of the year is coming up again, and that means for you: It’s time to start thinking about this year’s Halloween marketing! The 31st of October is no longer painted red in the calendar only in American companies. Even other companies use Halloween for scary-beautiful marketing campaigns. But how exactly can these look? And how do you move your business forward? We have four ideas!

Save time on Halloween marketing

When service providers look to Google for ideas for their Halloween marketing, they find mainly very generic suggestions à la “Miss website, location and social media channels a scary look”. To develop a concrete idea out of this costs a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of nerves. That’s why we’ve taken over this part for you and put at your disposal five elaborated Halloween ideas. Here we go!+

halloween party

Idea 1: Organize a Halloween party

Why not celebrate a Halloween party with your customers ?! First, set a customer group that you want to invite. Or make it quite open as a Family & Friends event – that is, anyone can come and may also bring someone else.
Afterwards, you send the invitation and, if necessary, draw attention to your event via newsletters, social media, flyers and co.

It all depends on how much you want to raise the whole thing. Next, you have to organize location, technology, food and drinks. At a small party with 10 or 15 guests, you can do it yourself.

However, if there are 100 people on your guest list, you should hand over the work to professional service providers. Eating, drinking and good music are always good, but it’s a good idea to connect to your service.

This can be in the form of small workshops, or you spoil your customers with short free services. A beauty salon, for example, could offer a free make-up service for customers as part of a Halloween party.

During the event, these are then turned into witches, ghosts, skeletons and Co. Then you have to get the deco suitable for your location, and of course, you need – most importantly – a scary costume. Let’s get the party started.

That’s what you need for it: Location, drinks, food, technology, invitations, staff, program, decoration – there is a lot to do!

It does it for you: A Halloween party is the ideal setting for talking to your customers. You appreciate this personal contact, and that has a positive effect on your customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Depending on the scope, an event may also be exciting for new customer acquisition.

Idea 2: Create a lavish Halloween decoration

Maybe in recent years, you have decorated your salon, your studio or your shop with pumpkins and Co. But as part of your Halloween marketing, it will be scary-beautiful this year because you will pull all the stops!

Your incentive should be to create the most elaborate decoration of the whole neighbourhood – oh well, the entire city or, best of all, the whole country.

The goal is to surprise your customers in such a way that they share numerous photos on Instagram, Facebook and Co. and of course, also link to you. You support the whole thing in advance with leaflets, newsletters and make social media posts aware of your action.

It’s also best to think about a hashtag that your customers can use for their posts. A photo box can also help to make photos.

That’s what you need for it: pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, skulls, fake blood – the full program. In addition, marketing materials such as flyers and profiles in social networks.

It brings you: Free (Halloween) advertising! If you can get your customers to take pictures and share them, potential customers will catch your eye.

Idea 3: Produce Halloween content

The magic word is Content Marketing! In short, it’s about creating relevant content for your target audience. And what would suit Halloween better than scary make-up tutorials, hairstyle tips or recipes? Which content you choose depends entirely on your industry. For example, as a hairdresser, you can provide a step-by-step guide to Halloween-ready hairstyles. Nail designers can do tutorials for pumpkin or ghost nails.

That’s what you need: First and foremost: creative ideas! You also need a platform where you publish your content. Depending on the content format, this can be your website, blog, YouTube channel or social media channels.

It brings you: You position yourself as an expert in your field. You also generate traffic for your website, blog or YouTube channel. You increase your brand awareness and in the best case, win new customers.

Idea 4: Organize a Halloween raffle

People love raffles! For the chance to gain something, they like to give their data, their feedback, or whatever is needed. You should use this for your Halloween marketing.

First of all, you think about what you want to make available as a profit. The more attractive the benefit, the more successful this action becomes. As a service provider, you have many options here: Vouchers for a free service, vouchers, discounts, products and more.

Of course, it can also be something that has nothing to do with your business – a journey, a food processor or whatever. However, if you are giving away a coupon for your company or even products that you use, you have the chance that the winner will continue to be one of your customers in the future.

There are many ways how and where you can do the raffle. This can be a call to Instagram to post the best Halloween costume and tag it with a specific hashtag.

You can also point out on different channels that each new newsletter subscriber will participate in the raffle on October 31st. Or set up a box in your salon, studio, or shop for a week, into which your customers can cheat their names.

That’s what you need for it: creativity is also in demand here. Also, you need naturally attractive profits and if necessary a Losbox.

That’s what it brings you: it all depends on how you organize the raffle and what profits you choose: brand awareness, new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, increased sales, newsletter subscribers – anything is possible.

Convince with your Halloween advertising

Now it’s your turn: think about which Halloween marketing action you benefit the most and start preparing. 

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