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More Reach Through User-Generated Content: That’s The Way It Works

According to a study by Internet Livestats, there should be over 1 billion websites in 2019. This makes it difficult for users in this wealth of information to focus their attention

Campaign Tracking With Google Analytics

Campaign Tracking With Google Analytics

To be able to see in online marketing campaigns during and after the run, through which channels the visitors have come to the corresponding website, you can use the campaign

bounce rate optimization

What is Bounce Rate and How To Optimize it?

You are interested in the topic bounce rate or bounce rate. Then you are exactly right in the right place. In this post, you get all the essential information about bounce rate. What

video marketing strategy

5 Steps To A Video Marketing Strategy

For video marketing to succeed, companies need a strategy. How to create this optimally is explained here in 5 steps. Video marketing is in vogue, and the moving picture is

page speed optimization

Page Speed ​​Optimization For Better Rankings

Page Speed ​​optimization makes websites better. Because it lets people and crawlers see what they were looking for faster. That way, you’ll make sure your site does its job better,

content marketing goals

What Is Content Marketing? Definition, Goals & Functionality

You are interested in the subject of content marketing. Then you are exactly right in our here. In this post, you get all the essential information about content marketing. What is content marketing? Content

Strategy Marketing

What is Strategic Marketing?

What is strategic marketing? This notion refers to all the decisions, orientations, and reflections relating to the marketing strategy of a company. The development of this strategy must follow a well-defined

digital marketing method

Sell it! How to Promote a Product Using Digital Marketing Methods

Suppose, a product is all you have. But what makes your really great quality product sell-able and pays you back the value worth your investment is a proper method of

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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Advertising for Small Businesses

A business without proper advertisement is almost like stagnant water without flow. And when it comes to small businesses nothing could do any better than digital advertising to take it

voice search


“Alexa, play this song. Alexa, turn on the lights.” These are the common instructions that this tech-savvy generation must have used. There was once a time when voice search was