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Suppose, a product is all you have. But what makes your really great quality product sell-able and pays you back the value worth your investment is a proper method of putting it before your target audience. It is only marketing that bridges the gap between your product and your target consumers; with the description put in an attractive and informative way before the audience, you can make the target audience to take a look at your product and even buy it.

Just wait and think for a moment when was the last time you actually talked to a person or held a pen to convey a message. Most possibly you don’t remember.

Neither does the majority of the growing digital era. Be it workplace or educational sector, entertainment or having a company, most of the people seem to have been occupied with their digital gadgets. And hence, attracting the valuable attention of the audience to your product becomes much easier with digital marketing.

Research has shown that constant internet use among adults has increased by 5% in the last three years. Increasing online presence comes with increasing online buyers and sellers.

Hence, your key to success is to choose the right digital marketing method to promote the product in a better way. Now let us dive into the topic and discuss how to promote a product via digital marketing methods.

In order to drive conversion your start-up or business, there are several ways (as listed down below) to use the digital medium.

Best Digital Marketing Methods To Sell A Product

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays one of the great digital methods for marketing. With proper SEO done, one can expect the website to be on the first Search Engine Results page.

May it be a local business or a brand, consumers use search engines like Google to find data about the products. So, with proper SEO strategy, one can get on the top of SERP’S that is ideal for great marketing.

You can use Google analytics to figure out your target audience. Going for more than one search engine option and being more mobile-friendly increases the chance of bringing the traffic.

Your website must be designed with clear navigation, quality content and user-friendly. Social media platform for your product is also necessary. Keep in mind to be constant and instant availability to the audience.

2. Paid Search Marketing

In Paid Search Marketing, Search Engine Marketing brings traffic to the website through paid efforts. Based on the business structure one can choose among PPC (pay-per-click), CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions), and channel such as Google Ad words, Bing ads and many more.

Display advertising, search re-targeting, site re-marketing, mobile marketing, paid social advertising are also some examples of social media marketing.

3. Content Creation

All recent changes to Google’s algorithm point out the fact that content is the king. And hence content creation becomes the definitive method of marketing in this digital era.

Almost 70% of consumers gather data about the product via the medium of the content. So, contents created must be catchy as well as easy and attractive to the audience.

Ad Content, Blog Post, Case Studies, E-Book, Images, Infographics, Podcasts, Social Media Posts, Testimonials, White Papers, Website pages, Videos are some of the contents that boost the digital marketing campaign.

According to a study on most preferred contents, 87% of people prefer videos over other contents. Blog posts are the second most preferred content. Reformatting successful contents are also useful for content marketing.

4. Social Media Posting

According to a study, the online presence on social media is increasing day by day and currently, the number is increasing by more than 2.6 billion.

If you have a product and you want people to know about, you can always create a post featuring about the qualities of your product and how it can influence the lives of others.

Photos, posts, videos and live sessions on the product may interest the audience. At the same time, instant feedback and positive reviews are reason enough to get digital via social media.

Again, if you can manage a social media marketing team, you also can use social media ads for your purpose. Different social media campaigns are better than sticking to one and one can both use the profit of organic use as well as advertisements.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is one of the strong most medium in digital marketing. As study reports, mobile marketing would be worth $800 billion by 2020 in the US alone.

Hence, website, apps, content or whatever digital method you choose to convey your product features, just make sure that those methods are mobile friendly.

As people tend to carry this digital gadget almost everywhere and can get access to them, so can you get access to your consumers via their mobile. Smartphone, Tablets and many other mobile devices are occupying the digital world and hence digital marketing without mobile marketing is almost incomplete.

6. Digital Display Advertising

Digital Display Advertising is but a subset of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You can use a variety of formats in order to target potential audience – it can be text, image, banner or video ads.

You must make sure to customize the content according to the buyers’ interest. In order to drive a good ROI for your business you must look for expert people with experience and who can bring the traffic to your site fast and easy.

However, this method of Digital Display Advertising can be comparatively costly.

7. Re-marketing and Re-targeting

Re-marketing is undoubtedly a great method for promoting the content via digital advertisement. It is a strategy to target the audience that has already visited your website and shown interest in your products.

This is based on cookie technology. With this strategy, one can easily find the group of people who are interested in the products, their likes and dislikes about it and their zone of interest as well.

You can re-target on your website, social media pages, or on the mobile. The customer’s buying pattern and mass demand decide the presentation of your product.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically forwarding a commercial message to a list of potential customers via email.

You can list the audience in different groups according to their spending habit, likes and dislikes and the zone of interest and send them emails to bring their attention to your product.

You can also send personalized emails to potential customers to grow the trust in your product. Replying to emails regarding their queries is a must and it as soon as possible.

But you should also keep in mind that such emails can be treated as spam and legally offensive.

9. Facebook Ads

Around 80% of people online use Facebook. So, marketing for a product on the medium is incomplete without putting it on Facebook.

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users who can be turned into potential customers with the amazing content presentation of the product. Facebook is a great place to sell almost any legal product following Facebook’s advertising policies.

Strategic planning in setting up a Facebook ad can always promote a product better than anything.

Again Facebook is such a social media platform that enables you to have insight over your audience, their instant reactions on your product, reviews, and feedback.

10. Website Design

Last but not the least on this list of how to promote a product via digital marketing is to make use of your website. You can invest in several paid options to give the promotion of your product to take it to a new height but there is no tool that can be as efficient as your own website.

There are several ways to bring traffic to your site. As the study on buyer personas asserts that visual contents draw consumers’ attention fast and easy than any other, one can make use of info-graphics, picture presentations and most importantly, videos.

Secondly, make sure that the navigation offered are really easy and consumers don’t get lost on your website. Try to serve them right away with their needs.

But if they don’t get the thing they were looking for and your site seems hard to understand for them, they are more likely to never visit your site again.


There are several ways in digital marketing that can promote your product better and at the same time, the cost of digital marketing is lower than traditional methods of marketing.

The first and foremost thing that you have to keep in head is that the digital world is very much dynamic. So, in order to exist and compete in the digital forum, you have to be evolving and ever-changing according to the changing interest.

You also should keep in mind the in and out trends in the buyers’ section. With proper analysis, tests and convincing people of the utilization of your product you can prosper easily through digital marketing.

Just make sure you make people aware of your product in a positive and convincing way and voila! Selling of your product is just a click away.

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