8 Secret Tips for Using Facebook Ads for E-commerce

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It took 75 years for the telephone to connect to 50 million users. This dream, however, was a two year run of the mill for Facebook. The social media website that defined the term “social media” for the world, never really lost its charm. The charm, however, passed onto an older generation, like an inverted inheritance.

With hundreds of updates and added features, Facebook strives to remain relevant in today’s time, where marketing knows no bounds and just when your imagination ends, advertisements begin. This is not bad news for a businessman, who can now find not just adolescent users, but also their parents, and consequently more sets of eyes to look at their online galleries and shops.

With more than 1.4 billion users per month, Facebook is one of the leading and most effective modes of marketing, selling, and creating brand awareness. It also helps those sitting behind counters to interact with customers with new ease. We have curated a list of 8 secret tips for you, which will help you in benefitting from Facebook advertisements:

Tips for Using Facebook Ads for E-commerce

1. Don’t Treat All Your Audience The Same

While scrolling through a news feed, with no particular thought or intention pacing through it, finding a product that benefits the customer is most likely to make our marathon-ready fingers to stop and pinch the screen for a closer look.  Ask yourself: how is this helping my customer?

facebook ads tips for ecommerce

Will it entertain them? Will it make them laugh? Will your product lead to an upgrade in your customer’s life? Solve these doubts for your audience. Secondly, learn that every audience is different. Retargeting your audience is the way to go about here. Determine the intent of your audience and market to them accordingly.

Don’t show the same advertisements to all the audience, as they might need different levels of persuasion. For example, someone who has already added a product to their cart only needs a gentle push to buy it, whereas someone who is still looking and hasn’t made their mind up, will need more information on a product. 

Similarly, couples in long-distance relationships should be advertised in a manner that benefits them, and children should be influenced by a different set of ads.

2. Multi-Product Advertisement

Facebook permits you to use multi-product advertisements. This helps lowers your costs and increases engagement. Most people do not like stopping at one option while buying something.

Facebook Ads for ecommerce

This feature is the online equivalent of quintessential consumer behavior, that knows (or sometimes doesn’t know) what he wants, but will make you show him all options available for him. Multi-product adverts will help increase your click-through rate and will display a wider set of products to your audience.

3. Exciting Offers

The online life today is just a massive unending hunt for offers, one better than the other. This thirst for good offers is what makes companies like Dineout and Honey succeed. You can introduce Facebook offers for your customers by providing them with an additional discount, on clicking on the facebook advertisement.

facebook ads tips for business

You can then provide the customer with a unique code that they can paste on your website, to utilize the offer. This not only entices the customer to flock to your website but also shows the other scrollers on Facebook just how many people have redeemed such an offer.

4. Boost Your Old Posts

If you have an old post or advertisement that already gained popularity from netizens, instead of curating and shelling out extra bucks for a brand new advertisement, that may or may not garner you that much attention, you can promote your old posts on facebook.

facebook ads strategy

Through this path, you can reach your followers or completely new people. This is a secure option of running an ad for those who like to play it safe.


5. Don’t Be A Salesman

We have all had salesmen knocking on our doorsteps, and now screens and we have not exactly adored them. These sales tactics get a reflexive negative reaction from the audience, where a viewer is so saturated with watching advertisements, that they shut the tab or scroll up the moment they see one.

facebook ads for brands

The length of the advertisement does not matter to this audience. What you can do instead is, look for more innovative ways to advertise your work. For example, you can make promotional videos with influencers, create events, or organize little quizzes and tasks and have giveaways.

6. Use Conversion Tracking Pixel

This system allows you to track the traffic of the audience that visits your site. It helps you know how well your advertisement faired in the market. This is done by Facebook by allowing you to check the activity of the customer as soon as they click on your advertisement.

tips for facebook ads

You can use this data is bettering your marketing tactics and re-targeting certain groups of people. This feature is a great reality checker for e-commerce as it gives you insight about where you lack so you can come up with a fix.

7. Do More Than Just Business

Knowledge is never a vice and imparting a little knowledge is always considered a noble deed. The same can be applied while indulging in e-commerce. Netizens do not wish to see you talk about your brand day in and out. Occasionally, engage with other brands, acknowledge and appreciate other brands as well.

facebook ads for ecommerce

Keep yourself abreast of the world’s happenings and celebrate and mourn with your followers. This will help dismantle the idea of your business not being an actual living person. For example, the legalization of LGBTQ marriages was a piece of news shared and celebrated by many companies. Breast cancer awareness month is also promoted by multiple organizations.

8. Engage With Your Audience

Wendy’s, an American fast-food chain, on Twitter is one of the most active and funny profiles, which has established its identity in parts of the world that we’re not aware of its existence. This is solely due to its customer and follower interaction.

facebook ads tips

Gone are the times where tweeting or updating a status about a problem with a brand was like a scream into the void. Today, most brands engage with their customers and potential ones online.

You can also solve queries, resolve issues and pay heed to your audience’s thoughts about your brand. It’s always good to know that someone is listening. Apply this motto to your brand and watch your followers shoot up.

Branding yourself online and grooming your online presence isn’t just for humans today. With dogs having Instagram profiles and burger joints having a better sense of humor than a real person, it is extremely important to fully gauge the impact and power that comes with online advertising.

Over To You

Facebook advertising can act as a real game-changer for your brand and knowing just what to say is a talent, so much that it requires professionals to do it for your brand. Using the above tips will definitely give you a head start into the Facebook e-commerce world and will assist you in your way around Facebook advertisements.

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