What Are Featured Snippets And What Do They Bring You?

In recent years, the number of search queries and relevant search results has steadily increased. Here are featured snippets extremely important because you attract the attention of users. Many consumers research extensively in search engines like Google and Bing before buying:

  • the provider
  • the product features
  • the opinion of existing customers.

With the information on the Internet, almost all questions of interested parties can be answered comprehensively. Emerging businesses should, therefore, optimize their content and their entire website with the latest SEO measures. Thereby you profit from the numerous accesses to preferred organic search results.

In the search results, however, not only the URL on the SERP and Google AdWords advertising has been displayed for some time now. In addition to the backlink structure, the CTR and relevant focus keywords, SEO experts mainly deal with the so-called Featured Snippets.

They give you the ability to view advanced information about your site. This will improve your ranking significantly. Here’s what you’ll learn: What Featured Snippets are, how to create prosperous Featured Snippets, and what they bring to you in marketing.

What is a Featured Snippet?

Google displays the results for all searches as so-called snippets in the SERPs. This is a small overview of the site in question, which consists of the title, URL, and description.

This entry can be expanded by organic information to a so-called rich snippet. Thus, the user sees much more data and can get a better picture of your website. Also, the click-through rate (CTR) and website traffic increase significantly.

Finally, users prefer results that are not just text and URL. However, many companies do not know that there is more room for improvement in their SEO online marketing.

google featured snippet

Featured snippets are better known as “highlighted snippets.” This format should give the user a surprising and particularly memorable answer to his questions and thus improve the CTR.

They already receive some information from your site in the SERPs and gets the first impression of your high-quality content.

The exact website ranking in the search results thus loses importance. Indeed, statistical research has shown that consumers are much more likely to visit the website behind Featured Snippets than to follow a regular snippet.

How do I recognize featured snippets?

You often see Featured Snippets as the top result on the SERP. For example, if you search Google for a specific question like “What is Link Juice? ” This form of SEO Search Engine Optimization is therefore especially relevant to working with a long tail keyword.

The first snippet consists of a longer body text as well as the title of the website and the URL.
The description automatically creates Google from the content of the linked site.
Thus, you can customize your search results in the SERPs only limited.

The advantage, however, is that the Featured Snippets are always in the first position. With suitable methods of professional SEO, you can, therefore, further develop your article in the search results.
The highlighted entry always follows ranking by the relevance of the keywords.

In some cases, the Featured Snippets, therefore, refer to results that can be found in the third to tenth position in the search queries. In this way, the search engine provider wants to create a special incentive for the operators of websites.

When you publish a new article in Content Marketing about an important user question, you benefit from an enormous click-through rate and massive traffic.

How To Create Successful Featured Snippets

“How can I create my Featured Snippets for my business?”. Unfortunately, the answer is very sobering. Google decides for itself, which content has such a high quality that it appears as a highlighted search result.

It is not even clear which search Google uses Featured Snippets. Also, the excessive use of keywords and other measures in SEO online marketing has little impact on these significant elements. Finally, this position is only for the best search results.

You can refer to Featured Snippets on your website for special content marketing measures. For this, you have to enter the header of the page in the line. This will allow the algorithm to automatically check if your article provides a perfect answer for relevant search queries.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for the ranking on high-frequency keywords.

When creating a Featured Snippet, structuring the information is not necessary. Especially lists and tables, the algorithm often works even for the search. Nevertheless, research shows that the use of HTML awards favors a good position.

Therefore, you should pay particular attention to high-quality content and structured data. Also, Google sets each element’s specifications for classification as a useful result.

Which different snippets are there?

A small text does not always give a helpful answer to the user’s question. That’s why Google introduced the following four snippet formats:

  • Text snippet
  • Video Snippet
  • List Snippet
  • Tables Snippet.

What are text snippets?

These classic elements, like a regular snippet, use the advertising space in the SERPs to give the user a quick answer to their question.

Therefore, an article is selected that fully responds to the search intent of the searcher and offers a high use value. In contrast to the organic search terms, however, the result is displayed in the first position and thus receives the most traffic.

text snippet

The CTR is usually dependent on the complexity of the search query. If the user only needs a small piece of information such as a date or name, he often does not call the linked site. Therefore, you should phrase the article in question so that the Featured Snippets created by Google invite you to read on. Also, you can provide your search results with your picture.

The benefits of a video snippet

Another useful element for your SEO is video snippets. These entries stand out particularly firmly from the organic search results.

video snippets

The basic structure has strong similarities to the other forms. Nevertheless, there is a playable video directly above the page title and URL. The huge advantage of this medium is that you will see additional traffic with each click on the snippet.

Thus, you benefit from an exceptionally high CTR when your snippet is displayed in the search results.

Where are lists of snippets used?

The Google algorithm mainly determines the type of Featured Snippets used. The software itself decides which elements can best answer users’ questions.
While it often uses text snippets in definitions, you’ll often find lists as results for instructions and related data.

list snippet

The link then leads to an article with further information. It is striking that the keyword of the search query is usually only once in the entire text. Therefore, the highlighted result is generally difficult to find in the organic search query ranking. So these elements are essential for your SEO campaign.

What are the benefits of table snippets?

The last highlighted search results are so-called table snippets. They map the content in a clear presentation. As a result, they optimally respond to the search intent of the users.

table snippet

They provide valuable traffic. Do not neglect them in SEO Search Engine Optimization. Although they only have a small CTR in direct comparison to the other search results.

As a rule, an element consists of three separate columns whose headings are shown in bold. You often encounter this form of presentation with temporally or locally changeable information.

How Featured Snippet is created?

Google has so far published a few details about the creation of Featured Snippets. That’s why you have to consider the current findings of the existing Answer Boxes.

In many surveys, SEO experts were able to illustrate clearly that the algorithm creates both elements in a similar way. That is why the keywords in the content, the headline, and the URL play an important role.

Besides, you should not underestimate the link building. Both high-quality backlinks and deep links increase the chance of highlighted search results.

If you want to support your Internet Marketing with Featured Snippets, you should select a search query that already has a highlighted article.

This will make sure that your topic is one of the critical questions that Google wants to answer with a particular post. The ranking of your website as well as the URL is for the algorithm once subject information.

Significantly more critical are organic access and position in other search results. High traffic makes it easy for you to create a highlighted answer.

Therefore, the position in different search results is an important quality feature. Also, a link to your data should lead from several informative pages. This gives the search engine a high use value.

Meaningful use of keywords

Furthermore, it does not hurt to use the exact keyword both in the headline and in the text once each. Also, however, you should mainly use LSI. Many synonyms of the relevant keywords evaluate the algorithm as an indication of high-quality information. You should look at users’ questions from different angles and target the search intent.

How to replace existing text snippets

You can easily replace common Featured Snippets with high-quality content. In doing so, you should focus your marketing primarily on keeping the bounce rate low.

Users need not only find the answer to their question on your link. But also a worth reading post with many useful facts.

In addition to the information sought, therefore, other data should appear. These should match the search intent and provide a high use value.
Also, special keywords like ” search engine advertising definition” Or “Explanation” to be highly relevant to the Featured Snippets.

By these measures, you achieve naturally also a good result in the organic search inquiries. The URL, on the other hand, plays only a minor role.

By these measures, you achieve naturally also a good result in the organic search inquiries. The URL, on the other hand, plays only a minor role.

What brings you a Featured Snippet for your SEO?

Featured snippets are a unique opportunity to attract more prospects to your website. As a result, you will see better results in the acquisition of new customers on the Internet.

Through an optimized site, you will not only jump from first place to the coveted advertising space! But from any position! As a result, with a few backlinks and accesses, you have a realistic chance of getting a visible entry under a high-frequency keyword.

Also, these elements are characterized by an extremely high CTR. The special presentation effectively lifts your website from the competition. This gives you a clear competitive advantage in winning customers on the Internet.

Thus, Featured Snippets are significantly more valuable than the first-place placement for a relevant keyword. Take this opportunity to achieve higher visibility on the Internet.


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