10 EASY Link Building Strategies (That ANYONE Can Use)

Link building is surely no child’s play rather it is considered as a thing that is hard to understand for people. But there is one more common factor lacking while building links successfully and that is a proper strategy.

Is it you, a step behind the proper strategy? Then, my dear, you are on the right side of the Internet.  This entire article is going to be super easy and comprehensible to you, and all about the strategies that can be used by anyone.

To grow influential in the digital world, the thing that becomes very important is link building. Links are very crucial a factor for SEO and hence link building becomes almost a part of SEO strategy i.e. to put the skills of SEO training in actual work.

The most vital role that the links play is to generate traffic to your site and it decides the rank of your site too.

And hence before diving in the link building, we must focus on the word ‘strategy’. The strategy is an overall plan that works behind making the link building successful. The most useful strategy of a good link building is to create something useful and likable at first. A good link always brings traffic to your site.

Let’s Try 10 Best Link Building Strategies

1.Guest Blogs

Once you get your head clear about the target audience, now you should try to take a chance in the guest blogging. Guest blogging helps you get backlinks from highly authoritative websites and pages.

This helps in improving the reach of your content and makes your content more credible. It also helps in driving traffic to your website. You can build powerful relationships through this mode.

Lastly, guest blogging also aids you in competing for a rank for keywords.

2. Target Mentions sans Links

On the internet, sometimes your business will have mentions on various pages but will not have your link mentioned explicitly. This is a highly common phenomenon.

What you don’t realize is that link-less mentions are also halfway links! This is because you and your business are known, hence the mention. What you can do in such a case is to use content explorers to help you locate your business’s mentions, that will help you reach out to them.

Most content searches furnish results in millions for you to build your links upon.

3. The Quora Hack

Quora is a large pool of content and links that may not all be functional but that doesn’t mean they are of no use. You can use Quora to direct traffic to your website by simply searching for the top pages and threads with the most traffic.

You must then filter out keywords according to your content. You can then pen down a brilliant answer for one of these popular question-threads. Quora lets writers provide references in answers and this could be used to plug in your link as a source.

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4. Matching Content with Website

Finding a website that suits the content may help one to get linked by the site and hence increasing the chance of more people hitting on the article and providing many more visitors.

If you engage yourself in writing about niche topics that have a smaller audience, it is important to look for websites where you content befits their webpages. In such cases, websites won’t hesitate to link you as your content is relevant to the theme or subject matter of their page.

This will cause visitors to flock to your webpages through the links provided. Most importantly, these visitors will be interested in going through your content which help make their visits recur.

5. Utilizing Social Media

In the digital era, Smartphone and social media is a great tool to enhance the possibilities, if properly used.

You can always tweet about your content and share it with your target audience. Or, you can try to explore the Facebook world that also comes with paid promotions. The more people join you on those media with their likes, double taps, and retweets, the more links you are bound to get.

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6. Reaching out to Sites

With quality content designed for a site, you might let them know that the content can be on their site, only with a link of your site attached to it. If you have slaved for quality content as well as hunting down relevant websites for your content, it is beneficial to reach out to these websites to include your link.

Most of them will be happy and sometimes may do so for a meager barter. A personalized approach via direct messages or phone calls would surely be of great worth because nothing comes free. With the proper deal, one can be linked to as many sites as one wants.

7. Reclaim Links

Building a new link is never an easy thing to do. So why not preserve the links that already exist? Links may get lost either because removed from the linking page or when the link ceased to exist.

So, link reclamation plays a vital role in link-building as it fast tracks your relationship-building that could lead to additional links in the future. 

8. Paid promotion

Content that requires a link is known as a linkable asset, for example, infographics and tutorials. You must let the correct audience know about their existence to get links for content like this. 

You can target your audience by using Facebook ads, Google ads, or Pinterest among others. This method is not very expensive and ensures that your content reaches the eyes of the right people, who help further promote your link.

9. Compounding Growth by Getting Ranked

Most articles only provide backlinks to their sources to cite the credibility of their source. Upon a closer look, these links are merely links of some of the top few ranked websites that display content for a user’s query.

Therefore, you can strive to boost your rankings up to be a part of the cream layer on search engines, and automatically gain backlinks in articles by bloggers. This can be done by choosing a commonly used keyword and basing relevant content on it.  

10. Blog Commenting Tactic

Commenting under blogs may sound like a phony act but a little bit of cushioning your profile to make it appear organic, and dropping referral links to your website will go a long way in link building.

When you see a high-traffic article, you can drop in your links that will redirect the audience to your relevant creations. You can also develop relationships with influential content creators in your industry to help you with the promotion of your content.

Wrap Up…

The action of purchasing and selling links is highly prohibited because it will trigger the strict mandatory protocol of Google because it is in direct confliction with its Webmaster guides.

Also, this very act would allow people to manipulate and play around with the search results thus in the very heart defeating the purpose of a good SEO. But then, this not going to be one of those episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in which they just throw medical terms around making it sound like gibberish.

On the contrary, it is quite simple. When executed properly, these strategies mentioned above would surely help you in link building. One just has to keep patience and try the strategies to figure out which one of them works best. However, with modified strategies and a better understanding of the field, one can easily build more links with less effort.   

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