Tiktok marketing

What Is TikTok And How Can Marketers Use It?

Users spend around 39 minutes a day on the trendy TikTok video network. In terms of entertainment, the platform is clearly on the rise. Initial attempts at advertising indicate that

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy For More Reach In 2019

Instagram is currently the lead of social media heaven. This trend of popularity is likely to continue. This is how Facebook’s subsidiary platform is becoming an increasingly important tool, especially

Internal Linking For SEO

Internal Linking For SEO – Strategy To Optimize It.

Through optimized, internal linking with little effort to better rankings – the ultimate guide In this article, we cover everything you need to know about internal linking: from backgrounds to

Campaign Tracking With Google Analytics

Campaign Tracking With Google Analytics

To be able to see in online marketing campaigns during and after the run, through which channels the visitors have come to the corresponding website, you can use the campaign

bounce rate optimization

What is Bounce Rate and How To Optimize it?

You are interested in the topic bounce rate or bounce rate. Then you are exactly right in the right place. In this post, you get all the essential information about bounce rate. What

video marketing strategy

5 Steps To A Video Marketing Strategy

For video marketing to succeed, companies need a strategy. How to create this optimally is explained here in 5 steps. Video marketing is in vogue, and the moving picture is

image seo optimization

What Is The Image SEO After The Core Update?

The last core updates had caused a lot of change and moved some websites in the organic ranking by a few places behind. However, image rankings were spared, as some

page speed optimization

Page Speed ​​Optimization For Better Rankings

Page Speed ​​optimization makes websites better. Because it lets people and crawlers see what they were looking for faster. That way, you’ll make sure your site does its job better,

Google Ads Tips


The success of Google AdWords campaigns occurs when the overall package of website, audience, and meaningful extensions is systematically optimized. In this blog, we are going to explain you the

twitter marketing

4 Twitter Marketing Tips For Your Business

When talking about Twitter marketing, most people think that you have to have a broad audience or a large number of followers to achieve good results. Obviously, having a high number of followers