Pinterest Ads, Put Glitz In The Life Of Your SMA Campaigns!

After a shy introduction in 2010 and nearly 7 years to surpass 100 million active Internet users, Pinterest has since caught up well by establishing itself as one of the essential social media players, with more than 300 million active users and successful entry into the stock market no later than this year.

A platform celebrating the discovery and sharing of images, inspirations, and tips, Pinterest Ads is no less a real asset in the Social Ads acquisition strategy of advertisers, by providing a strong advertising offer that keeps getting rich. You too want glitz in the life of your social Ads campaigns? We offer you a recap of all the latest news on Pinterest Ads.

Pinterest Ads, the acquisition lever on a network that seduces!

As of the first quarter of 2019, Pinterest reported 291 million monthly active users worldwide. Over one-third of Pinterest’s current monthly active users are from the U.S., so there’s room for international audiences as well. According to Pinterest statistics from the brand in 2018, about 80% of new sign-ups came from outside the U.S.

When some traditional social media are confined to connections and sharing with friends, Pinterest offers a borderless discovery reach by allowing users to find inspiration from around the world.

Pinterest marketing

Decoration, shopping, DIY, through a thread of images cleverly continuously updated according to the tastes, trends and previous researches, Pinterest allows creating its thematic tables based on identified pinned contents, re-visitable and modifiable to wish.

Already widely acclaimed by the retail, decoration or travel sectors, advertisers have the opportunity to display their content, in the form of sponsored pines, appearing natively in the users’ newswire like organic pines.

A particularly exciting acquisition lever for a broad typology of advertisers, allowing to discover the world of its brand, its products, but especially to create an immersive buying experience in front of an intentional community.

Pinterest Ads, new features deployed in 2019

If sponsored pins have long been optimized for clicks only, Pinterest Ads now allows for optimized conversion campaigns with several goals available to advertisers, including online payment, increasing the number of clicks registration or lead generation.

The beta-tested feature of a handful of brands a few months ago allowed some to double their sales while decreasing their CPC by -58%. In this dynamic, the platform also announced that the sponsored video objectives would be enhanced with the immediate effect of a new “conversion” objective., allowing to return directly to a landing page containing the contents of the site of the mark.

Pinterest Ads, enjoy new video features

An ideal platform to share your most creative brand content, the latest trends in the platform are surprisingly good for video, with an increase of more than 30% in 2018 on “inspiring video” type queries. Pinterest Ads is rushing into the trend by launching a suite of video tools, directly available from the Pinterest Business Manager, to help brands capitalize on this engaging and attractive lever.


In these new features, there is now a new video tab to view all the videos of a brand from a single location, an improved “uploader” for videos downloaded more quickly directly on the platform or to the possibility of plan the publication of his sponsored pins.

The new suite of video tools available on Pinterest also includes its analytics for measuring and gaining insights into real-time video performance. These new features are for the moment only accessible for business managers in English-speaking countries.

Pinterest Ads, manage mobile campaigns more easily!

In phase with the mobility issues, the platform improves the handling of its tools to facilitate the management of its advertising campaigns from a mobile. Optimizing for smartphones its self-service suite of tools last year, marketers will now be able to access more intuitive ad creative with consolidated targeting options.

The Mobile Ad Tools suite will include actions such as adjusting audiences and budgets, pausing one-click ad content if needed, updating a campaign name, editing a Destination URL, or viewing live performance statistics.

Pinterest Ads, to a Social Shopping app?

Conscious of business opportunities for advertisers, the network is increasingly moving towards a social shopping app and imitating its preference with two new features in place.

Based on their previous research, Pinterest’s algorithm can offer your users tailor-made recommendations. To maintain the user-friendly aspect, these personalized purchasing inspirations naturally appear in the first position of the feed, making them almost unmissable during navigation.

Pinterest Ads

If clicked, these recommendations refer directly to a catalog of pins, available for immediate purchase. The social network is thus relieved of its first yoke of “inspirer” to put on its cloak of the real lever of purchase.

Following a Neustar study comparing the efficiency of Shopping ads, Pinterest confirms its position as a real challenger by offering advertisers the panel tested, doubled ROI compared to other social media. Eager to satisfy brands increasingly fond of new levers shopping, the platform continues its aspirations by providing them with the functionality of product catalogs.

Pinterest shopping ads

When a pin is opened, the product catalog of the brand appears directly underneath, allowing the user to continue his discovery until the crush. This is an extra lever to reach the Internet and stand out while they are on the platform.

Pinterest, the network that goes up

Since its inception, Pinterest has distinguished itself by its atypical positioning by offering a social platform where users are not for once not present to follow a circle of connections but are rather eager for discoveries and inspirations from brands and trends from around the world.

Bringing a unique audience to life, Pinterest is part of advertisers’ Social Ads acquisition strategy as a positioning lever that is different from and complementary to other Social Media with particularly intentional users, revealing a new way of consuming., driven by inspiration.

The goal of Pinterest through these new deployments is to establish itself as the platform offering prospects in terms of reputation, performance, diversity of audience pools, all for a budget mastered.

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