February 19, 2020

SEO For Events – How To Present Your Event On The Search Results Pages

Google is establishing itself as a serious player on the market, not just for travel bookings and simple queries about the weather or factual information, but also for event searches. 

Instead of referring users directly to events listing sites, Google collects so much content from the many pages as possible, this is directly in the search results in various formats and holds users as long as possible in the “Google Universe” stuck. Users no longer have to click to read the answer on a website.

But that’s not necessarily bad news for organizers: The new formats – if used correctly – offer many more opportunities to present yourself and your event on Google!

I want to comment on four examples briefly:

  • Event Pack
  • Event carousel
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Rich snippets

Event Pack

The so-called Event Pack is currently only available in the US, England, and India.

The presentation of the events is similar to the performance of companies in the Local Pack, ie, the results from Google Maps or Google My Business entries.

The results in the event pack come from Google Event Search. If you click on a result, you get directly into the event search engine and see more details about the event. Again, the user experience is very similar to Google Maps.

Event Carousel

The Google Event Carousel shows 16 results on desktop and 4 results on mobile. This, too, occupies almost the entire space above-the-fold, that is, the area of ​​the search results page visible on first loading.

Clicking on the event, Carousel will start a new search, and you will get the regular search results page for the desired event.

Knowledge Graph

The so-called Knowledge Graph is already a popular feature in the search results. To the right of the ads and organic listings, Google displays a box with more information about a particular topic, person, or country. These boxes have been around since 2012.

Since 2014, events in this knowledge graph are also displayed, for example, if you are looking for a musician or an event venue.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are small excerpts of content from web pages displayed directly in the search results. These can be prices, ratings, or even events.

With these rich snippets, you can display more information right from the first contact on the search results page, as well as influence the size of your listing, take up more space, and attract more attention.

People do not have to search your site again but can click through directly to the event they are interested in.

The click rate increases – the rankings improve – everyone is happy.

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