February 19, 2020
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10 SEO Trends That Will Make A Difference In Ranking In 2019

In this ever-evolving world of digitalization where everyday inventions are pacing up and are revolutionizing the way new searches are conducted, more and more companies to maximize the output generated by the users are now turning towards SEO’s, which can layer the searches in a more compact manner to generate more traffic. SEO is the base of all the revenue generation, traffic tracking and lead generation for your website.


Here are the 10 SEO trends that are actually meant to make a difference in ranking for your website this year.

1. Artificial Intelligence

One of the most anticipated trends in SEO is the entry of Artificial Intelligence, as fancy as it may sound to be, the idea is readily available and to be deployed very soon to take the SEO market by the storm.


Al is expected to reiterate the patterns generated by the mass usage and deriving conclusions solely through studying the data and smart analysis of the links observed.

2. Active Usage of Voice Commands 

Another idea that might be useful to the SEO sector is personalized voice search tool. Almost every smartphone and computer nowadays is furnished with a voice search app which does the analysis through voice commands and provides ready results.

seo trends - voice command

In India the population rise with an equal distribution that engages rural and urban India, voice search can be extremely beneficial in generating traffic from the rural areas which are in heavy need to collaborate with the coming cut edge tech.

3. Streamlining Video Content

Apart from voices and ambitious Al projects, the most accessible tool in the SEO market which can easily divert the flow of users is mainstreaming video content.

New seo trends

Content writing whereas is effective to the mind, video content appeals visually as well as to your mind. This SEO trend is expected to generate massive traffic as one is more easily stimulated visually than to read the content all along.

4. Visual Appeal

Another concept which is indeed quite intriguing and is quite popular among the students is the concept of Visual search. This SEO tool is similar to the idea stated above and appeals visually by uploading a picture of the object which a person needs to read the information on.

seo trend - image search

This simple tool is powerful as the results are posted in a myriad ways, along with an array of similar searches in order to provide aid in the accuracy of the search conducted.

5. Secured Online Portals

Semantically speaking, another global trend has been born when Google the biggest search engine tool decided to not include websites without an HTTPs identity, hence increasing the traffic on websites which have an HTTPs security.

use of https

This indeed eliminates the threat of anonymous sites trying to garner traffic and only allowing safe and highly organized sites to render their precious services.

6. Introduction of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality, which is a lingo frequently used by gaming industries is another highly appreciated trend making its way in the SEO market.

New SEO trends

To provide meticulous results when searches are conducted, SEO might make active use of AR and VR to provide a much more realistic approach to the content presented online.

7. Quality Web Content Delivery

Similarly, another trend popping in the SEO world is the evergreen simplistic web content writing.

content marketing

In order to reign in the digital world one must be fluent with its course by learning the art of delivering compact content which is focused and does not allow the reader’s mind to wander off midway, web content in SEO market needs to be focused and artistic, to awaken the user rather than to provide dull, repetitive content.

8. Appointment of Highly Educated SEO Personnel

Since it’s perception, SEO has rapidly been growing and now on its zenith, have already evolved into a full-fledged profession where companies in search to put away with their content and traffic generation woes hire influencers, or moreover people well versed in the language of digitized media to provide sophistication in quality content and website delivery, this trend is expected to grow much more progressively with the coming age.

9. Implementation of Block-Chain

Blockchain is one popular technology to keep the internet safe and secure. The popularity of Blockchain has forced experts to utilize technology even for SEO.

block chain in seo

The Blockchain can be beneficial for backlinks. The experts are still working on it to make it better but if they succeed this can be a great addition to SEO techniques.

10. Simplified User Interface and Experience

Lastly, with the maxim of the consumer is king being dominating the market, SEO trends have resulted in developing content which is more user-friendly, accurate, easily comprehended and interpreted in order to attract searchers and queries without losing the consumer base, to make it possible and accessible.

user interface and experience

SEO’s have been working on making their websites simple and more approachable to Target audience without compromising the credibility and their intent. User experience indeed does remain a governing factor and SEO’s are well versed in providing services which are indeed in accordance with their consumer’s intent and wishes.


These are the SEO trends which will surely have a huge impact on the SEO rankings this year. These trends are also important because of the competition in the market.

In order to survive this competition one needs to reinvent their techniques and need to learn new and exciting things. These trends are not just important but also are must know for the SEO experts. So, indulge oneself in the deep knowledge of these trends and wander on the path to success.

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