The 11 Best Social Media Tools 2019

You may know that for start-ups, and even growing companies, content marketing and, above all, social media tools offer excellent opportunities to get identified faster and to win new customers.

Extensive help and even own systems for advertising management ideally offer you most social media platforms. Well, honestly, of course, it must also be mentioned that these are very often limited to one’s platform and also do not always correspond precisely to your individual needs.

That’s why I thought. I’ll pick out a few tools with which you can do platform-independent and cross-platform fresh content marketing and social media marketing. And I want to introduce you to the best 11 of these social media tools here.

Awesome Social Media Tool For Your Business

Tool 1: Buffer

Targeted support for an advertising campaign should be significant for you right at the beginning. With Buffer, you get a useful tool for the hand.

With Buffer, you can manage advertising mailings very well, and if you want, you can also have automatic publishing available to you on a set schedule. Included with Buffer are also features for analysis.

buffer social media tool

They can be very useful for you, especially for your performance assessment and ad customization. I think the advantage is the integrated schedule, which is very intuitive to use and very easy to handle.

Buffer is available in a free version and in a paid version, which has a few more features to offer.

Facts about Buffer:

  • The tool is particularly intuitive to use
  • The essential tool is available as freeware
  • The fee-based tool costs depending on the desired Pro versions between 10 and 200 euros a month
  • The tool can be found at

Tool 2: Hootsuite

Who is well organized, it has in life more comfortable. At least that’s what you say. And what do you think? If you agree, then the Hootsuite tool should be for you. 

As is Buffer’s case, this tool also gives you great support in managing and publishing advertising posts. Hootsuite is an intelligent tool that supports automated, on-schedule publishing and provides you with some features for analysis.

social media tool hootsuite

You can quickly evaluate ad performance and customize the ads on it. Another significant advantage of Hootsuite is that it can be edited on several social media channels at the same time.

As with Buffer, Hootsuite also comes with a free version and a paid version.

Facts about Hootsuite:

  • Using this social media tool you can manage with the freeware version simultaneously several social media channels
  • The basic tool is available as a free version
  • Depending on the features, you have to pay between 10 and 100 euros per month for the pro versions
  • The tool can be found at

Tool 3: Canva

For many social media platforms, image ads are the most successful way to advertise. From a platform like Instagram, you should know it for sure.

But that also applies to Facebook, Twitter and everyone else. Even with these platforms, you can make great advertising with image ads. But you need synonymous software and there you Canva offers.

canva design tool

Has the advantage that this tool is easier and, above all, cheaper than, for example, Photoshop. The image editing you can easily do with Canva by drag and drop.

It is also worth mentioning that there are also many high-quality wallpapers very cheap on Canva. The operation of the tool is intuitive, and you get a professional-looking design for your advertising images.

Facts about Canva:

  • You can easily create a professional design of images
  • The tool is intuitive to use
  • This social media tool is free
  • The tool can be found at

Tool 4: Influencer DB

The Instagram platform is particularly interesting for you as a startup. 

This platform is considered to be the fastest-growing, and you may be interested to know that it’s proven to be the lowest level of user inhibition to interact with the business. 


If you want to find and address influencers, then Influencer DB is the tool for you. With this tool, you can analyze follower numbers, hashtags, comment numbers or frequently mentioned locations.

But you can also use Influencer DB to compare it to the other social media platforms. In the basic version, the tool is free.

Facts about influencer DB:

  • It offers you an Instagram monitoring
  • You can find and address influencers
  • The basic version is free
  • For upgrade versions, you pay from 100 euros a month
  • This tool can be found at

Tool 5: Pinvolve

As a young entrepreneur or startup, Pinterest should also be one of the most exciting image platforms for you. 

The simple thing is that this platform is tailored to corporate advertising. 

social media marketing tool

Now you also get help in the form of the tool Pinvolve, because it allows you to sync content from Facebook with content from Pinterest. 

For you, it is possible, material from both platforms can be transported from one to the other and also adapt accordingly. Although the free version of Pinvolve, the number is limited, in the Pro versions, you can let off steam without limitation.

Facts about Pinvolve:

  • Possibility to synchronize the contents of Facebook and Pinterest
  • The basic tool is free
  • The Pro version costs from 10 euros a month
  • This tool can be found at

Tool 6: Fanpage Karma

For you, as a startup, it is always essential if the key figures for your advertising campaigns are still in view. With the Fanpage Karma tool, you get a tool that lets you view and analyze all the important numbers like clicks and likes, comment numbers, ratings. With this tool, you get a quick overview of the profiles and also how well your advertising campaign is running.

social media tool

Fanpage Karma offers a free trial, and after that, you can get the tool for a monthly amount depending on the version. The price starts at 50 euros.

But I have to mention that this tool is designed especially on Facebook. If you also want to evaluate the other social media channels, then that costs you more.

Facts about Fanpage Karma:

  • You get an accurate analysis of the numbers for Facebook
  • There is a 14-day trial of this tool
  • More packages after the test phase are available from monthly 50 Euro
  • This tool can be found at

Tool 7: Sprout Social

In addition to publishing and scheduling posts, Sprout Social’s features focus on the communication and interaction between companies and their followers. 

In addition to new followers, mentions, and interactions, there’s a separate tab for finding keywords your customers use. This allows an overview of trends and topics within your target group.

sprout social

Sprout Social integrates Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and features link shortening features and a mobile app.

A negative aspect of Sprout Social is undoubtedly the monthly costs – these are based on the number of users. A team of five means five times the monthly expenses.

You can find this tool here –

Tool 8: Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse has seen an immense increase in popularity in recent years. Sprout Social integrates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

The tool shines above all in interaction management and shows which mentions and interactions require a response. 

“Automated moderation rules” filter spam messages from the incoming message – it is also possible to delegate messages among the individual managing team members. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the Agora Pulse to private Facebook profiles and groups. Agora Pulse’s dashboard appears confusing at first compared to others. 

New users need some time to become master of the many useful functions and filters.

The price range for Agora Pulse ranges from € 49 for individuals to Enterprise for large companies € 299 a month. Any additional Social Profile and other Team members above the number specified in the offer will incur additional costs.

You can find this tool here –

Tool 9: Sendible

Sendible integrates not only popular social networks but also blog platforms such as WordPress and Blogspot, which enables smaller companies to manage all content management on one platform securely. 

The tool analyzes the engagement of each post as well as messages – topics that need special attention are highlighted. However, many posts take some time to appear sensitive, so this tool is less suitable for very fast-moving accounts and real-time monitoring. 


Also, Sendible enables the management and analysis of e-mail and SMS campaigns. The user interface is also clearly arranged, similar to e-mail programs such as Outlook.

Depending on the size and needs of your business, the cost of the tool is between € 49 and € 399.

You can find this tool here –

Tool 10: Buzzsumo

With Buzzsumo, you can quickly find out which content has been shared most recently on your social media in your search term.

First, enter the search term in the search box. Buzzsumo now filters the relevant content, then shows you what content has been shared, and how high the interactions have been on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

social media marketing tool

You can limit your search time, for example, if you only search for up-to-date information.

These features are available to you free of charge. However, the daily search is limited.

Also, if you are looking for a suitable influencer who can distribute your content to exactly the right audience, Buzzsumo is a good idea. Enter the search term and let this search engine search specifically for bloggers, influencers, companies, journalists or private persons. Again, there are no costs.

However, if you want to take advantage of the advanced features, you’ll need to complete the Pro version, which you can test for 7 days.

With the Pro version, you extend the functions to the monitoring, to exact analyzes, as well as to the announcement of appropriate Backlinks, which refer to the respective side. You can also analyze the most important questions and trends related to your search term.

Find this tool here –

Tool 11: Pixabay

Not a classic “tool” but a beneficial page: Here you get free pictures for your projects! Currently, photos are published there under the license “Creative Commons Zero”.

social media tool

This means that you can use the images for private and commercial purposes and do not even have to name the source. Enter a search term, and Pixabay will suggest a variety of files that you can download.

Pixabay at a glance:


Last but not least, it should be mentioned that there is no ultimate social media tool. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses – this summary is intended to give a brief overview of the unique features.

As far as possible, we recommend each company to test several tools in the free trial version to find out which device best fits the needs, workflows, and needs of their business.

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