The Future Of The Facebook Messenger Platform: Quality & User Experience Meet Sponsored Messages

After WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Business API are clearly committed to customer service and guided at the end of the WhatsApp newsletter, Facebook is taking a similar path with its Messenger platform. Consciously a similar and not the same way.

Quality Instead Of Quantity In Facebook Messenger

The way in which many companies have used the Facebook Messenger and related chatbots are not in the Facebook sense of the word. Blind and aimless content delivery no longer fits the Messenger platform.

When it comes to messenger, Facebook (and WhatsApp) focuses on customer service, personalization, and qualitative conversations.
The possibilities of the messenger platform are manifold. Much more diverse than on WhatsApp.

This also applies if the WhatsApp Business API is used. However, the timetable and content alignment are becoming more and more similar. One to One is the rule and not one to many.

For many companies, this means rethinking the way information is made available, how customers can connect with businesses, and how messengers are holistically integrated into the service and communications strategy.

A WhatsApp newsletter or chatbot is set up relatively quickly. But when it comes to a change from the usual push to unfamiliar pull communication, completely different tasks and a shift in attitude are on the agenda.

Thus, the famous and very successful WhatsApp Newsletter can no longer be sent from December 7th. In a sense, Facebook Messenger is catching up.

As of January 15, 2020, subscription messaging will only be available to news sites that have registered with Facebook. For large media sites unproblematic, but not suitable for brands and companies, or not desired by Facebook. Understandably, since companies often use channels and features in the wrong direction and instead of qualitative conversation, it’s more about mass communication.

Why sponsored messages gain in importance

On Facebook, companies have different options to start a dialogue with fans, customers and relevant target groups. The launch of this dialogue will become more and more critical, because only then an active feature of the messenger platform may be used: Sponsored Messages!

What is Sponsored Messaging? Companies can use the Sponsored Messages feature to contact people who have started a dialogue in the past.

Like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has a 24-hour window to respond to customer requests. Sponsored messages can also be sent outside of this time window, making it an exciting way to restart conversations that have once been completed and to provide people with relevant information.

Sponsored Messages have been available as an ad format for some time, but due to the upcoming adjustments, they will gain in importance again. If messengers are the future, then sponsored messages are part of the future of social media advertising.

Sponsored messages will only be successful if you understand them as such. They are part of conversations and take place within the messenger. As a company, you can not ignore this in terms of content, approach, or targeting.


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