5 Tips for Creating Your First Bing Ads Campaigns

bing ads optimization

1. Importing existing campaigns

If you have successful campaigns on Google AdWords, use the Import campaigns feature. You’ll need to enter your Google AdWords credentials to import these campaigns into Bing Ads. 

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Also, to increase the number of impressions and conversions, you must have the correct keywords and match types.

Enrich your keyword lists with Bing Ads Intelligence and identify negative keywords with search query reports. These will limit the delivery of your ads on unsuitable queries.

2. Text of the ad

By writing compelling ads that target the right users, you can increase your clickthrough rates. 

bing ads optimization

Location Extensions let you display your business address and phone number in your ad text. 

The locally displayed information can help you attract more customers to your business.


3. The budget

You can set a daily or monthly budget. Be sure to set an appropriate budget using the Budget Suggestions feature. 

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It is essential to set a budget that is right for you, and that will help you achieve your goals. 

Remember that if a campaign reaches its budget limit before the end of the day or month, all ad groups in the campaign are suspended, and no more ads associated with the campaign will appear.

4. The auction (CPC)

Your interest is that your ad occupies an optimal position to increase your chances of attracting new potential customers. 

bing ads optimization

If there are multiple factors (such as the relevance of your ad to the keyword, performance history, and clickthrough rate) that determine your ad’s position, the bid amount for a keyword remains a crucial parameter.

To beat your competition, try raising the default bid amounts. You can also use Bing Ads Intelligence to get auction suggestions that will allow your ads to occupy specific positions.

5. Targeting

Use our targeting options to reach a more relevant audience and increase your chances of converting. 

bing ads optimization

You can target customers by location, age, and gender, the device used for search or by time and day. 

An incremental bid increases the likelihood of your ad appearing at a better position when your target audience completes a query.

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