Update: Facebook Messenger Will Soon Show Ads In Chats

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A patent that has become public indicates a possible new advertising strategy from Facebook. In the future, advertising on Facebook Messenger could not only be visible on the home screen but also in the chat.

In terms of data protection, the social media giant Facebook has not always been positive. A new patent now provides sharp criticism from privacy advocates.

Last Thursday, a patent was made public, which was already registered by Facebook in 2015. It’s about a way to place personalized ads in the Messenger – influenced by the content of the text messages sent and the current location data of the user.

Data Protectors Express Criticism

The ads should be pushed between the messages and can also refer directly to the conversation. According to the patent, the ad is displayed to both conversation participants.

How Ads displayed on the messenger

As an example, a conversation is taken about choosing a restaurant. After the message ” Let’s eat Italian! ” There is a commercial for an Italian restaurant nearby. For this, the sent message is used together with the location data in order to create a targeted display. Browsing messages for specific keywords that are relevant to advertising is critical.

Facebook Denies

Facebook itself wants to appease here. ” We often seek technology patents that we never use, and patent applications such as those we filed over four years ago should not be seen as an indication of future plans, ” a Facebook spokesperson told the American magazine Mashable. The use of this patent would probably also meet with strong rejection among users.

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