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“Alexa, play this song. Alexa, turn on the lights.” These are the common instructions that this tech-savvy generation must have used. There was once a time when voice search was regarded as an impossible thing but here we are.

The future of voice optimization seems to be on a rise as per the surveys and data collection. By an estimate, 50 percent of the searches made by the users by 2020 will be using voice.

Although predicting the actual future of voice service can be a little murkier, people and agencies continue to protect and forecast as it won’t do any real harm even if the predictions go completely wrong. Today you might find a lot of contradicting and wild predictions over the internet, but in this article, we have made some cautious predictions about this trending technology.

Let Talk About Future Of Voice Search

Let us assume the increase of voice search by taking into consideration the increase in smart speakers ownership. Mary Meeker is credited to have given the statement that voice searches will be drastically increased till 2020.

voice search

Image Credit: KPCB 2016 Internet Trends

Visual search is a little trickier benchmark to set when we don’t have the data as to how many people actually use it in the present. A chief scientist at Baidu is also credited with this data analysis. What fascinates us is the fact that the sales of smart speakers will rise by ten times in the next three years. The statistics tell that 1 out of every 5 searches is a voice search.

It is important for marketers to realize the true potential of the voice search and how it can affect their search engine optimization. Voice search is basically used for fact-finding questions or the questions that have a definite answer.

Google and Amazon have thus started expanding their voice search products and speakers to provide a more user-friendly interface that will enable its customers to get quick search results.

The most important need that this feature can cater to is that it can provide quick searches without increasing the traffic on the websites. Other mega-companies like Apple and Microsoft have also have invested heavily in this idea and have introduced us to Siri and Cortana.

Furthermore, they have reduced the errors in voice searches. Adopting this new technology in search engine optimization would prevent you from failing in this technical modernized world.

voice search

image credit: KPCB 2016 Internet Trends

Advantages of Voice Search

Voice search can not only increase the ranking of your website but can also help in the betterment of the user experience. High bounce rates are thus reduced. Capitalizing on the myriad advantages that this technique offers can do wonders for marketers.

The constant evolution and up-gradation in voice search are enhancing more and more people to use it. People are now using voice searches to carry out actions like ordering pizzas or hearing to songs and receiving directions. Voice in GPS in one of the most used and helpful features while using navigation maps.

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Strategies to implement:

  • Using long-tail keywords would prove to be very useful in voice searches as people would ask voice-oriented questions which would be conversational in form and direct in approach.
  • Content that will give an answer to the frequently asked questions will help to improve your ratings. For voice optimization try providing the answers for what, how, when, why and whom.
  • Provide a concise and proper answer to build your ranking. The answer should be phrased appropriately and no extra words should be used.
  • An informal tone is what you need to use to deal with voice search queries. Content must match the tone of the query.


The only drawback that this voice search has is that you cannot browse or surf the internet through it. It can only be used for general knowledge questions for getting specific answers.

But voice search may help for searching the web if a user searches something and then an instructor assistant to navigate to the audio version of the article or blog that they want to know.

If we expect the voice search to respond as humans do, we would not be able to fully utilize its potential as machines are not made to understand us seamlessly. The users might have experienced a common output saying, ‘sorry, didn’t get that’. If it allows the complete and accurate voice recognition, it will take the technology at the apex.

Soon people will start using it for everything and talking to robots would no longer be an illusion or joke! One could say that the writer has used voice for writing this article quickly!

Voice searches allow you to follow up a query with other subsequent searches. Seeing the huge success of audiobooks and podcasts, we can guess the capability that this technique offers and in the distant future, it is going to become the need of the hour.

It is, however, difficult to predict which search engine would provide the best voice search in the future. Technologies have been changing since forever and nothing can be said for certain. In these times of evolving gadgets, voice search would increase the compatibility of each gadget as understood by the tech giants.

Brands should consider all the options regarding its optimization for all the devices like smartphones tablets and desktops. Marketers and company people don’t need to fall into stress because of new technology in the fear of staying updated.

They should stay abreast of the happenings and make efforts to work towards it and invest in it. However, voice enthusiasts should view it as more of a general marketing strategy rather than a search channel for the future.

The potential is undoubtedly huge, but there are so many things that we are still unaware of and assuming things for the future might not be a good idea.

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