February 19, 2020

Web Design Trends 2020 – Where Is Visual Branding Going?

Evaluation of the design to start the new decade

The marketing strategists are also challenged with the web design trends 2020. In 2020, the needs of the company must go hand in hand with the needs of customers. To do this, you have to keep up to date without blindly chasing every trend. It is important not to lose the connection here. Here are the things that may be important to you.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Which styles are popular, and what have they had their day?

Trend 1: Cyberpunk

In 2020, this trend will be manifested by bright and bright colors, and the shades will work with supersaturation. So colors that do not occur in nature. This choice of colors is also reflected in landscapes, creating surreal scenarios, and creating a science fiction touch on your website.

Trend 2: Elegant, abstract geometry

The technology makes it possible to draw ultra-fine lines in the design today. And thanks to this computer support, it will be possible to create almost unrealistic forms that are also agile. We would particularly like to recommend this trend to you, as it has already gained a foothold in technical or industrial branding.

If you use this technology, you have a futuristic and modern touch, provided it is implemented well. This trend is also top-notch from digital to print.

Trend 3: Skeumorphism – 3D realities

Skeumorphism is understood to mean objects that imitate their real models in a lifelike manner and also show what possibilities the user has to interact with them. A popular style element can also be found here in chisels and bevels, which can be excellently complemented.

An image is created digitally as if you could touch it. This type of production is particularly recommended for app icons or call-to-actions.

Trend 4: Bring live data to life

Web design 2020 is characterized by movement. With sophisticated and powerful animations, they can only affect a logo or continuous animations that are ideal for storytelling.

If live data is also brought to a dynamic visualization, offers can be made much more appealing, dynamic, and also more accessible to the user. The developers often go to the limits of technical feasibility, which is why this trend is continuously being expanded.

We have used the dominant web design trends here. In conclusion, it can be emphasized that the most varied elements are put in combination, which can result in completely new inspirational designs.

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