February 19, 2020

Website Marketing – Tips For Gaining New Customers

Gaining new customers is a necessity for every company. Because it can generate much more energy and costs than existing customer care, it is a challenge that requires a targeted strategy to avoid becoming a bottomless pit.

Good SEO website marketing is today the most effective way to operate a long-term and cost-effective customer acquisition on the Internet and thus to receive an excellent customer experience because good and high-quality content attracts visitors of the target group to your website and converts them into customers.

Interesting and helpful content that interests your target customers is today an effective way to generate website traffic and attract customers. The majority of customers from almost every industry today are online and informed on the Internet about trends, prices, products, and services.

If an optimized website has convinced you, it will buy or send a contact request, that’s how easy it is in principle. Website marketing is, therefore, the key to good sales at a relatively low cost. It is expected You know the rules of the game that are necessary to make a website visitor a customer.

New customer acquisition with online marketing

The website is the basis of all online marketing strategies for every smart entrepreneur. Because from there, every digital marketing campaign can be implemented.

Regardless of which portals your target customers prefer and on which social media playgrounds they spend their free time, the web presence of a company is the customer funnel for new customers.

online marketing

Whether the site includes an online store or the presence of a local or stationery retailer, customers today want to know where to shop, what people are behind, and what a company’s philosophy is.

Showing this philosophy through transparency, added value, and information is the biggest challenge and most significant opportunity in online marketing.

If you succeed in making your company unique with website marketing, not only new customers will become aware of you, they will also become regular customers, who will become active promoters out of pure joy about your products and your added value.

If referral marketing on the internet becomes a matter of course, you know that your online marketing has paid off!

What website marketing means and involves

Many entrepreneurs assume that a homepage has to be created once, and then it is there and does its job like a monolith on the internet that never moves again and does not have to.

The contents are there, and whoever is looking for them will find it. Being able to find a homepage under the company name is by no means an active internet marketing. Because a website on which nothing happens does not provide existing customer care. Not at all suitable for winning customers on the internet.

website marketing

For a site that does not attract visitors through effective marketing, measures can be googled by customers who already know the company. Still, it will hardly address the target group of new customers.

Active website marketing requires much more effort than merely providing content such as contact information, opening hours, and company profile. You’re smarter – you know that your site is a living project that requires constant attention and care. And that’s exactly where your competitive advantage lies.

What factors are all part of website marketing?

Just a few years ago, you could use the functions of an Internet presence in:

  1. Need-to-haves,
  2. Good-to-haves
  3. Divide nice-to-haves. Today, a holistic web presence includes all factors, including extras. The elements of these three categories are as follows:

Need-to-have: the base of your site

  • Is it obvious to the visitor on each subpage where he landed?
  • Is the focus of the entire website clear and targeted?
  • Does the site work smoothly, is the loading time fast and reliable?
  • Is the interface designed to allow the user to intuitively navigate and know at all times which action he can perform next?
  • Mobile-first! Does the page have a responsive design and is always displayed optimally on different mobile devices?

Such essential functions are indispensable today as the first step in website marketing. Before online marketing can be effective, the site must first run smoothly.

Good to have: better always!

  • Is the site full of useful content, yet minimalist enough not to distract the user with unnecessary information?
  • Are the articles nicely formatted in terms of usability, broken up with subheadings, bulleted lists, and pictures?
  • Is it immediately obvious which elements of the page can be clicked on, and which not? For example, there is no point in incorporating internal links to increase users’ retention time when these links are not visually highlighted.
  • What about the font size, the font color, the background color? Do you remember the first early websites? Ellenlanger continuous text with tiny purple writing on a black background, in addition to pointless animations, which slowed down the page speed of the page? Such design sins are today the opposite of successful online marketing because they only cause one thing: a gigantic bounce rate! Web design is, therefore, an important step to lead generation!

Website marketing also contains many subtle elements that the user only perceives when they attract attention!

Nice-to-have: better than the other pages!

  • Is your page linked to the social media portals that are appropriate for the target group? Are your latest articles also appearing on Facebook, Xing LinkedIn, and Co?
  • Do you use storytelling to convey information excitingly and helpfully? If you can grab your readers emotionally, you create customer loyalty that makes your company a virtual personality and thus becomes unique!
  • What about the user experience of your readers? Do you have a great experience when you visit your site? Customers are unconsciously close to the quality of a website on the quality of the products you offer!
  • Do you also offer the contents in the multimedia form in the form of podcasts or integrated videos via Youtube Marketing?

Successful content marketing starts only when your website becomes a unique piece. Where it stands out from the competition – in a positive way.

A creatively-crafted web presence leads sales pitches around the clock via SEO keywords, pulling new customers ashore while taking care of other things. To reach this level, however, website marketing has to be fleshed out.

As long as it remains an add-on task for which you do not develop a passion, you can also be helped by an experienced marketing consulting agency until your website has a foundation to work creatively.

Which ranking factors count in Website Marketing today?

The times when you could work through a simple list of ranking factors to land on the Google Ranking on the homepage are, unfortunately – or luckily – over. Because contemporary search engine marketing is made up of many factors.

Google and other search engines are now so intelligent that they recognize which pages offer a really good user experience – and this user experience is the way to new customer acquisition. On the one hand, via the search engines themselves, on the other hand, through the viral marketing effects, which achieve great content on social media portals.

Not only does the site perform correctly on all devices, but it’s also satisfying and vibrant user experience. This performance must be a matter of course, especially since the “mobile-first” rule has meanwhile arrived at Google as well.

Even good content today makes very high demands so that they come in the ranking in the TOP SERP ‘s. Content must provide current added value that treats a particular topic profoundly and at the same time, entertaining.

In the best case, your readers do not even notice that they are just absorbing helpful knowledge like a sponge – because your articles are so interesting to read that all questions are entertaining, but well-founded answers. Content marketing, in conjunction with storytelling, is, therefore, the basis for your marketing SEO and website marketing.

SEO Search Engine Optimization as a pillar of your online marketing strategy

Search engine optimization is so vital because your entire marketing strategy does not work out online if you do not make new customers aware of you through Google. 

SEO marketing is an essential part of the website marketing strategy because just about a good ranking on the search engines, you supplement your warm traffic on Facebook and Co. by readers who are first aware of you via Google, your company, so not yet known.

If you now score with proper content marketing measures that underpin your expert status and you trust with transparency and exceptional service, you also sell your offers through search engine optimization. This also works for a website relaunch.

Why is website marketing so important for SMEs today?

Sometimes, as a small or medium-sized entrepreneur, you may jealously look at the resources of the very big ones. You may think that they can easily afford an SEO consulting agency or even their own internet marketing department, no wonder they are so good at Google.

But as an SME, you have quite different advantages that big corporations do not have. Your biggest advantage is that you can respond spontaneously without a large apparatus and take up current topics for your content. Above all, as an SME, you should not underestimate the potential of regional advertising.

Of course, the fear is justified, that online shops for the stationary trade are a big competition. But a majority of consumers now use the Internet to research online and then buy regionally.

The web presence is, therefore, becoming increasingly important for SMEs, as it is a cost-effective way to maintain the relationship with the regular customers locally and at the same time to increase the range more and more. To be precise, it has never been so easy to present a small business as sympathetic, humane, and individual to a broad audience as it is today.

Website marketing as an instrument of customer acquisition on the Internet

Advertising measures today must be holistic and personal to attract customers. Each consumer is confronted with so many advertising messages online daily that their perception becomes selective.

If we have an emotional attachment to a shop, a website, a blogger, or an influencer, we buy from him. Therefore, customer acquisition should aim for just this emotional bond. After all, people still prefer to shop with people.

The industry giants such as Amazon or the shops of the big chains certainly offer a wide selection and low prices online. Nevertheless, even smaller and smallest pages can pass by the big names in the industry for their target customers.

Use SEO and social media to your advantage

Possibilities like Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing not using them as multipliers mean letting money go. Search engine optimization and the creation of holistic content are only tools for your creativity.

They set the scope of your possibilities and give you guidelines that guide you to achieve your goals. But all these measures are just the craft that you have to master to make it to Google’s homepage and go on Facebook with your contributions like a rocket.

But you build that unique relationship with your customers from the moment you no longer consciously think about the site-marketing craft, but intuitively use it to get your audience online.

Maybe when you were a teenager, you were in love with it, and your mother told you, “Just be yourself!” And you certainly rolled your eyes in annoyance and said, “Oh, Mom, you just do not get it!”

But as a teenager, you find everything embarrassing; today, you know that your mother was right. And what works in love also works in customer acquisition on the Internet.

If you’re a serious rocket science expert, write serious articles about rocketry, and your target audience will find you. If you’re an avid skater who would most like to keep the boards in his shop all by yourself, do not try to write like a serious rocket scientist. Write like a skater, and they will love you!

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