What is Strategic Marketing?

Strategy Marketing

What is strategic marketing? This notion refers to all the decisions, orientations, and reflections relating to the marketing strategy of a company.

The development of this strategy must follow a well-defined process and take into account several parameters. These include the business environment, market evolution, and technology trend.

About Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is about ensuring the long-term development of a company, so it needs to be aligned with the overall business strategy. Knowledge of its market and mastery of information and communication technologies remain essential to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Indeed, to achieve its goals, the company must be able to convey clear and accurate messages to its target audience. In this context, the development of strategic marketing also requires the mastery of different approaches: community management, editorial strategy, social selling, or content marketing.

What are the objectives and challenges of strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing is used to evaluate all the necessary parameters to have a clear idea of ​​the objectives to be achieved. These are not limited to the increase in turnover. They also include the development, positioning, and sustainability of a company in its market.

Among the significant issues of strategic marketing, we can mention the loyalty of customers. And for a good reason, to consolidate its market share and expand its business, the company must not limit itself to prospect customers, it must also know how to retain.

What are the steps in implementing strategic marketing?

  • Market analysis is the first step in developing strategic marketing. The objective is to evaluate the potential of the company concerning competition and demand.
  • The second step, the definition of objectives, is decisive. These must be based on the results of the analyzes carried out beforehand. These results provide insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses and make the right decisions accordingly.
  • The last step, and not least: determine the operational means to carry out its strategic marketing. The development of the marketing or marketing mix plan must take into account the results of the market analysis and the objectives of the company. This is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of the strategy.

What are the performance indicators of strategic marketing?

A company must measure the performance of its strategic marketing to evaluate its effectiveness. This makes it possible to identify the actions that have made it possible to obtain favorable returns and those that need to be optimized.

These indicators include:

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