February 19, 2020

YouTube Ads – How and Why Do You Use Them?

Have YouTube ads switched, you increase the reach of your company? They are among the diverse online marketing measures. But how do you create such videos? What requirements do you have to meet to qualify as an affiliate of YouTube and Google? What does all this have to do with Google AdWords advertising? And what costs do advertisers expect? How do you find prospects who click on their posts? And how should they react after viewing the advertisement?

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can successfully run video ads online because they are necessary as the first contact, to embarrass new prospects, and to take steps to remarket.

What are YouTube ads exactly?

YouTube ads are short promotional clips. You switch them for a specific audience. You either create the videos yourself. For example, if you want to advertise your company via your video channel.

YouTube Ads

Alternatively, of course, your video also creates and shows a YouTube and AdWords pro.
Do you run a successful YouTube channel and want to “monetize” it, so make money from it? Then apply as a partner for marketing. Then Google will show video ads that match your channel.

What types of YouTube ads are there?

Video ads make Google different in terms of format, placement, and cost calculation. Among the formats include

  • In-stream ads,
  • Discovery Ads
  • Bumper ads

1. YouTube In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads can be incorporated into other YouTube videos via the AdWords account. They then appear in advance, in the middle or at the end of a video. The user has the option to skip the ad.

In-Stream Ads

The viewer decides by himself whether he wants to see your advertisement. This is not a disadvantage for advertisers. Because he pays the cost of video ads in in-stream format only if the viewer:

  • she has looked at all or for at least 30 seconds
  • or if he reacts measurably to the video: for example, by a Like or comment.

2. Discovery Ads

Discovery ads run independently of other videos. These are video ads that you place, for example, on the home page.

google discovery ads

Even with searches, the user sees the relevant video ad. The preview of the video consists of a thumbnail and a short text. Once again, the user has the opportunity to decide if he wants to click on the video and watch it.

3. Bumper Ads

The bumper ads are 6 seconds short stories in the YouTube videos. You produce them for viewers who go online with their smartphones. Like in-stream ads, they appear around another video. But the user can not switch it off by a click.

bumper ads

Bumper sees potential customers as ad impressions. The frequency with which users view the ads determines the cost of the campaign for advertisers. If you talk about PPC marketing (pay per click) in Google Marketing with Google AdWords, then this is the comparable model Cost per Impression.

Who accepts Google as an affiliate?

If you want to monetize your YouTube Channel through video advertising, you have to meet certain requirements. This includes uploading advertiser-friendly, high-quality content. 

So no content that could be repellent to the target audience. You must own all copyrights in the content of your advertisements. Or you have to prove that you can use the used files royalty-free for commercial reproduction. Keep in mind that even songs you bought online in a store are not approved for use in your video ads.

How do I create successful YouTube ads?

To create YouTube ads, you need a YouTube channel and an AdWords account. You’d better get a Google Account right now. Then you have already covered the entire area. Edit your YouTube ads via Google AdWords.

YouTube ads

Have you already made a video that you would like to use in your social media marketing? Then you must first upload the video ad to your YouTube channel. Because YouTube hosts all the video ads there. In the corresponding area of ​​AdWords, you enter the URL to your video. This will add a video ad. You also set your budget and select a target group. The then sees the ad then.

Create a new video for SEO Online Marketing and Social Media

Whether SEO online marketing or YouTube videos for your channel: If you have not yet created videos with matching content for playback, it goes first into the conception phase.

  • What best represents you and your company or project. Think of a single area, employees, or symbols. What could potentially appeal to potential customers? Of course, you have already viewed many ads online for Search Engine Advertising and video advertising. What inspired you? Why?
  • How and in what way you present yourself, your product, your offer in advertising. This includes having a target group definition. Then you know how your target audience is talking, how it interacts, what it’s about. How can you reach her emotionally and argumentatively?
  • Through which story, you can give your content a good frame. Your already running content marketing measures are a good inspiration. Because advertising with YouTube videos is ideal for so-called storytelling marketing, choose an area that is particularly attractive, emotionally touching, or surprising. An exciting dramaturgy of your ads also provide performers, musical accompaniment, and good camera work.

Do not forget the technique!

If the concept stands, of course, the technical equipment must be present. This is the only way to create high-quality YouTube ads for your business. Tip: If the budget is enough for your online marketing concept, you can get cheap support from YouTube experts. An alternative is also a good SEO manager from a recognized SEO agency in conjunction with professional marketing coaching.

What are the benefits of YouTube Ads in Online Marketing?

YouTube ads serve to attract new customers on the Internet. They belong to the field of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. You may have already considered this in connection with SEO( Search Engine Optimization ), AdWords Optimization, or SEA. If not, you can have a look at our guides. They contain all the essential information.

Gaining customers on the Internet can be achieved with YouTube ads by attracting prospects for your offer.

Visual Google AdWords advertising has one significant advantage: YouTube ads reach users who are new to your company quite simply because the ads appear there. Right where users search for related topics and information. You thereby support your SEO Online Marketing.

You will pay when these users click on your ad. Or even if you look at the playback for the defined period. If the click does not work or if you skip your ad after a few seconds, you will not pay a cent.

The reason is plausible: users should not feel obliged to follow your search engine marketing, advertising, or YouTube ads.

For example, if you do not care about your offer. For users who only reluctantly follow longer commercials are rarely customers. If a user volunteered to view your ad and you convinced them, give them the ability to land by clicking on your website. Make sure that your company name and web presence are visible and linked in the ad. Also, your landing page SEO should be completed before the campaign.

Tip: If you want to reach even more users, you can also run most ad formats on other websites or the Google Display Network.

7 points that make your YouTube ads more successful!

To make sure your YouTube ads are successful, you should consider the following points:

  1. Pay attention to quality. Shaky, blurry images, meaningless perspectives, and poor lighting are taboo!
  2. Pack your advertising messages into emotionally touching stories, make sure you have the appropriate background music (pay attention to freedom!) And authentic texts.
  3. Attach your YouTube ads to your SEO campaign. Integrate it into your social media marketing mix. Or link to AdWords. Remember to choose the right ads and focus keywords. Only then will the users find your content. Again, you have experience: Namely through your content marketing.
  4. Find suitable advertising partners or define your target group as accurately as possible. Only then will your ads appear to suit their interests. Influencer marketing can make sense here.
  5. If you want to be a Google Affiliate, choose everything carefully that you share through your video channel. Offensive content, disrespectful behavior, or own advertisements in your videos are KO-Krieterien.
  6. Make sure the preview for your videos is technically correct and visually appealing.
  7. In the end, say or clearly show the viewer what action you want him to take! For example: like your post, share it, visit your website …

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