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We at Pixxoma have specialized in 100% Google Ads Performance – since 20014! As a small but effective agency, we can provide a service that is often missed in large agencies. We are always available for our customers – if need be, even on weekends.
Furthermore, we are characterized by a fast way of working . You do not have to wait long for execution, because only if your campaigns run successfully, we have something of it. This raises another critical point: quality. Every day we work hard to ensure that your campaigns are targeted as quickly as possible. We do not rely on long contract periods, we rely on win-win partnerships.
Our performance-based approach to billing is infrequent in search engine advertising because it requires a lot of engagement from the agency. We offer this service because we believe that performance orientation is the foundation of good collaboration. Why else would you invest money in advertising if you did not want to get the most out of the campaigns? That is also our goal!
As for the quality of our work, there are two reference points where you can measure us. On the one hand, to our satisfied customers, with whom we have worked very successfully for years. On the other hand, the certification by Google itself. This certification, coupled with many years of practical experience, in turn, guarantees you optimal support.

Why Pixxoma

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✔ Success dependent compensation

✔ High customer satisfaction

✔ Over 5 years experience

✔ Very high success rate

✔ High service level

✔ No limit on keywords

✔ Certified Google Ads Agency

✔ No set-up costs

benefits / More customers, less costs.

For us, only your success counts, and we let it measure us. Our performance-based compensation model makes us one of the few online marketing agencies that tie our revenues very closely to the customer’s economic success. This creates a mutually agreeable win-win situation.

We’ll save you money by lowering click-through rates (CPC) through our years of experience with Google Ads while increasing the number of qualified visitors. And at the same advertising budget! Set-up fees are a foreign word to us, and we also set no limits on the number of keywords and ad texts. We continuously optimize based on daily and individual success checks. We are starting with the ad texts to particular keywords. Be it a campaign, ad group, or keyword, and each item will be optimized continuously and customized.

You are in good hands with us because Google certifies our agency as a Google Ads Qualified Company. This certification is continually reviewed, guaranteeing you and us that we are always up-to-date with Google Ads.

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What we offer / More Google for more.

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Search Ads

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Mobile Ads

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Video Ads

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Display Ads

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Shopping Ads

  • We love Google Ads. We’re pulling out all the stops to make your Google Ads campaigns a top marketing channel.

  • We create campaigns that perform. Fast, efficient, and with an ROI you will like.

  • We like it structured meticulously. Without false promises. For that effectively. A collaboration that you will love.

Our Goal? Your Online Success!

At Pixxoma, you will not merely be given an existing concept. Instead, the individuality of each customer is the focus. As different as the companies are, so different are the goals. Maybe a little taste of your possibilities?


If branding is the goal, a combination of search ads and display ads can be used. It is bid on the own brand or company name. Why? Impressions are free. The costs only arise when a user clicks on an ad. Go beyond branding with advertising on YouTube or with banners on the Google Display Network.


Sales and bookings are the primary uses of Google AdWords. The budget is used efficiently, and cost drivers are eliminated. Pixxoma will search for keyword combinations that are relevant and have the most significant possible volume. In the end, conversion optimizations do the rest to turn prospects into customers.


Based on the search queries of potential customers, we know exactly where they are in the purchase decision process. We rely on an accurate analysis of the keyword combinations. For local businesses, other phases of the process are more interesting than for online shops. To pick up the customer where he is right now is the motto.

The benefits of Google AdWords at a glance

✔ Reach people who are explicitly looking for your service or products
✔ Low wastage through a targeted selection of keywords
✔ You only pay when your ad is clicked, and a visitor reaches your site
✔ The individual design of ad texts
✔ Control your campaigns by the time of day, device and many other options
✔ A concrete measurement of the success of your campaigns through conversion tracking
✔ The daily advertising budget can be individually defined by you and changed at any time

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