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We are an SEO agency working from last 5 years. Whatever the size of your project, we turn your website into a machine to gain contacts and recruit new customers. Our belief: the meek compliance of Google guidelines for positioning in the first search results. If you want a good, comprehensive, personal SEO support for your online projects and websites, our SEO agency Pixxoma is your contact.


What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization in medical tourism is no longer an isolated case – the competition never sleeps. Only those who appear on the first pages of the search results will be noticed. To dominate, you need to continually implement new strategic SEO approaches and understand which components are best for your business. Do not wait any longer and catapult your website and its contents to the top in the organic search engine ranking. Our bespoke SEO solutions can meet your needs in every way. We can guarantee the best value for money for your budget for the best possible results.

On-page Optimization: Includes all the actions that can be taken on your own website to increase the ranking in search engines.

off page optimization

Off-page Optimization: Includes all actions that can be taken off-site to increase search engine rankings.

seo audit

SEO Audits: This method is used to estimate the level of search engine optimization of a website. We constantly analyze the actual status of your website and explain the next target status.

mobile seo

Mobile SEO: These measures are used for search engine optimization and a user-friendly display of your website for mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Technical SEO: This subarea of ​​search engine optimization places the focus among other things on the source code, operating systems or server configurations. In order to implement further optimization options, a technically flawless provision of your web presence must be guaranteed.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The most important channel for initial contact with your customers is your website. If this is also found, this is where the job of Search Engine Optimization begins.
In its early days, SEO / Search Engine Optimization was considered a miracle weapon to rank as high as possible at Google, there are still SEO tricks today that may promise short-term success, but are extremely dangerous in the medium and long term for the continued and sustainable growth of their Internet presence.
The organic search has averaged 16 per cent in the past 3 years, the newest customers. With further potential upwards, if it is sensibly optimized. This makes the importance of Search Engine Optimization visible.

Our SEO Services

local seo

Local SEO

Essential for many online projects. Service providers or doctors are primarily sought in the vicinity and on mobile. Optimize your local ranking optimally.

Mobile SEO

For countless companies the most important SEO area. That means search engine optimization for mobile devices.
international seo

International SEO

If you want to find the customer or business partner abroad. Domain extension, language, tonality and country-specific requirements and habits. International search engine optimization in one or more languages ​​is a category in itself.
ecommerce seo

E-commerce SEO

Optimize your product ranking. For this purpose, strategies are developed, which serve to optimize the ranking of an eCommerce site

app store seo

App Store Optimization

Reach your consumers directly through app store optimization for your enterprise app.
youtube channel optimization

YouTube Channel Optimization

Reach your video to maximum user and increase your engaging users subscriber base.

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Are you looking for an SEO agency that supports you comprehensively and purposefully in optimizing your website? Then you are exactly right with us!

Three expert teams for holistic specialist knowledge

professional search engine optimization requires a holistic approach. To successfully optimize a website, technical, external and content factors must be equally considered. Our SEO team is therefore divided into the expert teams OnPage optimization, OffPage optimization and content optimization. By concentrating our team members on the private areas, we ensure that we can always approach SEO optimization in all its facets as a specialist. For our customers, this means they are from one benefit from holistic specialist knowledge in the field of SEO.